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    Our meetings are once a week on Sunday.

    We share a meal together, which is always a potluck. The variety is very funny. Some weeks we get all bread products or lots of cookies.  Ryan always makes us meat, which makes him a friend for life in my book.

    We take communion together. We remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us.  We usually read something before like the part about the last supper.  We usually share the same cup, because most of us aren’t paranoid about germs and it seems really authentic, like Jesus did it :)

    We usually have a study by someone different every week in which we may or may not learn something. Topics can be just about anything.  Matt and myself love to teach, but sometimes other people will want to share something too or even prepare something longer.

    We often sing some songs together.  I’ve learned that some people really, really like to sing in church.  So we try to make time to let these people praise God in their favorite way.

    Finally, we do some praying together and then just hang out a bit.  Sometimes I look at the clock and can’t believe that three hours have passed.  Church is so fun, and I love being with my siblings.

    This order has become “typical” in that it’s normal, but it’s subject to change at any time. That’s one of the cool things about a house church. We can break into prayer at any time, change the order of things, sing songs or paint, or just talk about God and his word! We’re as flexible as people want to be.

    We try to serve in the community in some way every month or so.  That means we get out of our normal schedule and help someone do something or clean or organize or rake or whatever.  We’ll do almost anything, and several of us really like helping others.

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