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Ben's Work Experience

Who are you?

I'm Ben! I live in Boxborough with my wife and small daughter. I'm 30-something.

What are you good at?

A few things! I'm a patient and skilled teacher. I've been teaching private guitar lessons since 1999 and love it. I have a natural aptitude and curiosity for technical issues. I've worked in various IT related jobs, and I also design and host websites. I have coded (for fun and profit) with PHP, Perl, Unix, CSS, mySQL, jQuery, and of course HTML. I'm pretty good with people. I've worked in customer service, and (more recently) as a "friendly geek" traveling to homes and businesses. Clients love my friendly, polite, laid-back demeanor.

What qualities do you have? What do you like?

I'm really organized - it helps me think. I like solving problems. I strive for integrity in any job I do – my employers/clients appreciate this, especially in IT jobs where I handle lots of sensitive information. I enjoy being frugal and wise with money. I love recreation and the outdoors. I play in a local band and other musical ensembles. I love laughing and have a good (if odd) sense of humor.

Do you have a resume?

Yes, click here to download it.