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Science Fair

Published March 14, 2017 by Jill
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We enjoyed a nice science fair this week with our co-op. :)


Alice Photography

Published February 8, 2017 by Jill
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The joys of a subject who sits still… :)
P00253A4 P00256D

baba P00214A1

unsuspecting visitors :)
P00346A2 P00350B4

P00402 P00239

P00389A0 haha

and pirates!
P00240A2 P00241A2

A Birthday Tea in 1993

Published December 7, 2016 by Jill
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So I have been going through old journals. Yes, I have stayed up too late some nights because I just can’t put down this fine literature! One journal, however, has some decay in the back. I guess that is what happens if you sticky-tac some candy and a crab claw in the back of a paper book…genious! So I am now trying to type out some of these entries so I can throw away this moldy book…

Here is the entry after a lovely birthday celebration for my friend Sara. :) Apparently I had not much exposure to tea, for everything very much impressed me very much!


Since all I talked about yesterday was Sarah and that crap, today I’ll talk about our trip into Boston.

I arrived at the Sargents at 2:00 in my mothers red flowered dress and $.50 Chinese shoes. Erin came soon after and we got ready to go. First, before we left Sara had to clean off the blueberry pie crust off the seat because Ben had spilt it this morning going to a friends house. Christine sat in the trunk, Sara, Erin and I in the middle, and her parents in the front.

It was about an hour long trip and finally we arrived at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel! We dove around a little looking for a parking spot. We found one about 1 block away and parked there. As we were walking down to the entrance, this blue car kept going by with loud rap music on. We named them “mac Daddy and Tito”. One of them waved to me and then to Erin. Anyways, we went through those turning door things and entered Heaven. We went up to the second floor where Mr. Sargent was offered a jacket to wear because he just had on a shirt and tie. We were seated in these couches and given menus. We ordered and then went into the bathroom to check it out. It was like a mirror central, with mirrors everywhere. There were even little folded towels to use to dry your hands. We used the pretty bathrooms and went to get our tea. When the tea was served, they put a little strainer thing over the cup while they poured and it caught all the leftover spices and stuff. You were given a pot of your certain tea also. The cinnamon tea people only got one big pot because so many of us ordered it. The tea was great, it tasted just like hot balls or cinnamon bears. After about 5 minutes our goodies arrived. We were given this plate of awesome cakes and stuff. We had banana bread, chocolate cake, vanilla pound cake, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit cake, with oranges and kiwi…and a blueberry scone. The gave us this great little jam, raspberry jam, we put it on the pound cake. We each got this little cup of cream. It was like was so good that Erin and I would eat it plain.

When we were done eating we put all the jam into Sara’s camera case and left “megans guest house” room. We went out into the lobby and took some pictures afterwards. At this time we were back outside going back to the car. We got to the right place but UH OH, no CAR. It was toed! When Mr. Sargent first said that it was toed Erin and I thought he was kidding.

We had to walk 2 miles (15 blocks) now in our dress shoes to get to the Museum of Find Arts. I enjoyed the museum a lot. We spent about 1 and ½ hours there. As we were leaving Sara was reading this brochure while walking. Of course she didn’t know where she was going and she ran into this light pole! It was so funny. In the car on the way home Christine kept putting the window brush thing next to us and for some reason we found that sooo funny. Then we went to the Sargent’s and had pizza and went swimming.

Mortified 1995

Published November 16, 2016 by Jill
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After seeing my first hysterical Mortified show in San Fransisco I got a renewed sense of energy to read my old journals. Embracing the embarrassment, the shame, the ignorance, it is totally healing. So I came home and opened up this journal beginning September 16th 1995.

SEPTEMBER 29, 1995:
[Apparently I was listening to a mix tape and being sentimental. While listening to Cantaloop and Small Factory. ]
“Jill, if you are older and reading this. Stop and write to Nicola, Sean, Dougie, Sarah, Tate, anyone else at all. YOU HAVE TO! Jill promised when she was 16 and now you have to follow through.

That was so weird. I hope I will do that. I really do wish with all my heart that I could stay in touch with them. ”

NOVEMBER 21, 1995:
“I went to the doctor today. Jilli has mononucleosis. I believe it. I believe that mono was to Ween what LSD was to the beetles. ”

MARCH 19, 1996:
“Weight. I know that I am not fat but I am not a skinny mini. Sarah Kingan is sooooooooskinny that it makes me so MAD! She doesn’t eat meat and hardly ever eats. FASDPONSDLKG! She is so skinny! I know that appearance shouldn’t matter and I really am trying hard to come to grips with myself in terms of that. I eat all of the time thought and I CAN’T STOP!. People like Christi Jasa also have big appetites by ars sosososososososskinny! I don’t understand. sometimes I really want to make myself anorexic or bulimic. You would get attention and people would care about you more. When you think that, oh no I can’t, my health would be bad… People who have been bulimic in the past live great lives now, it didn’t affect them much. So I keep thinking that it really won’t make a difference whether or not I do it.

Oh, be quiet Jill.

I need a PROM DATE! REALLY BAD! I had it all planned out that I would ask Sean but so many times I really don’t want to, so I want to be certain that I do before I ask him. I would probably go with anyone who asks me.

I realize there are going to be many errors. I am not looking at the screen while I type this. It is covered up with a pair of pants. ciao bella.”

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