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Well, this is my site... If you want a profile, I'm sure there's one lying around here someplace.

Ben’s Amazing Chai Recipe

Lately I’ve been trying out a few specialty recipes! Here’s one for authentic Indian chai. Hundreds of thousands of Indian women make this daily, and I can see why. It’s delicious. I’ve tested my chai on quite a few Indians, all of whom said it was very good. Because they were all nice people, I […]

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Christian Music & Art

I’ve taught on this subject before, and maybe I got it all wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve taught something inaccurate! It’s a discussion of definitions, somewhat subjective, and a murky area for people. Like many of my theories, it’s… a theory. I like controversial theories because they produce interesting dialogue. Disagree if […]

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Bored Harvard Cops

So Jill and I took a hike tonight, a beautiful stroll through the newly-green forest right near our house. Lovely. When we got back to the road, we find a Harvard cop behind our car with lights blazing. He told me it was sticking out in the road. Our car was partially in the road, […]

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[Mis] Adventures in Raspberry Pi Web Server

So I’ve been trying to get this server to work for about a week now. Certain things I can work out quickly because of my past hosting experience, others I have to research for hours — crazy Postfix/Dovecot config files It turns out that my ISP, Comcast, blocks port 25 across the board. No incoming […]

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