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Cape Cod 2017

Published July 20, 2017 by Jill

What a treat this week to go down to Cape Cod! We spent our time in Brewster, Harwich, Orleans and Dennis, enjoying the beach, the eats, and the company. :)


At least we can say everyone made it into this picture -- even if only by a nose!

IMG_8811 IMG_8806

IMG_8802 IMG_8788

IMG_8780 IMG_8772

IMG_8761 IMG_8760

IMG_8758 IMG_8753


I just loved these little hermit crabs!

IMG_8755 IMG_8765


And some people really enjoyed the ice cream! Great time was had by all. :)

Jim Bures
Wow! Looks like loads of fun. I like the hermit crab photo, and Alice eating the large dish of ice cream made me laugh!

Cute hermit crab!

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