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Guitar Lessons by Ben & Jill Holt

Hi, I'm Ben! Since 1999, I've taught thousands of private guitar, bass, and ukelele lessons in the Boston metrowest area. With a degree in music education and lots of performance experience, I am equipped to help you learn guitar technique and your favorite songs.

I love teaching. I have a laid-back, fun, encouraging demeanor. My students generally feel comfortable and valued. I enjoy teaching through songs my students like - many of my students pick almost all their own tunes to learn! Beginners are welcome.

We currently charge $30 per half hour and $45 per 45 min lessons. We accept cash and check.

Cancellations & Payment
Students pay us at the start of the month for all lessons they want to attend. If there is bad weather or sickness, we will credit you. If you need to cancel, give us at least 24 hours notice to reschedule. We do not offer refunds if a lesson is cancelled less than 24 hours before a lesson.

I live in Boxborough near the 495 exit.

I will travel to your location for a fee based on mileage.

I'm most comfortable with age 9 and up. My wife Jill teaches younger kids. She is highly skilled at engaging kids and can teach guitar or ukelele.

Parents are welcome to go or stay during lessons. We have a couch and wifi if you need to get some work done. Some parents take walks or run errands. Some even end up falling asleep, that's ok too. Parents may walk in at any time during a lesson.

At least an hour per week. More is great!

"Thank you for teaching Justin so much and helping him continue to develop his abilities over the last 5+ years. Music is his passion and you've made a huge difference in developing and bringing out his skill in performing it as well as his continued love for it. You were the exact right person who could both teach and connect with him." -Rob Michael, Westford

"Ben is an accomplished and disciplined guitarist, and comes highly recommended. His teaching style is amicable, and he'll meet you right where you are at. Give him a holler!" -Jim Olsen, Maynard

"Ben is a most excellent teacher, highly recommend for sure!!!" -Lysa Miller, Bolton

"I learned a ton in ten weeks. You're a great teacher and just an all-around awesome guy. Thanks a ton!" -Nick Langberg, Lancaster

"I want to thank you for all you are doing with Andrew. You are an excellent guitar teacher. Andrew is enjoying it. I am not sure you noticed, but something has 'kicked into gear' with Andrew over the last couple of weeks. He is starting to practice... on his own with much more regularity. It has been a joy to see him getting into it. THANK YOU for facilitating all this and for being an excellent teacher!" -Bill Henson, Stow

"I went into the first lesson not knowing a single thing about guitar and not knowing what about it I wanted to learn, but Ben knew right from the start exactly what to do in that situation. In the very first lesson he explained not only the very basics of guitar, but also a little bit of history asking only for me to think about what songs I think I may want to learn. The weeks that followed I came in with song after song asking for him to teach me. What Ben didn't already have pre-written out he figured out while listening to the song for the first time within minutes. His consistent cheery and motivating attitude combined with his superior ability at guitar makes me want to recommend him to anyone who ever wants to learn guitar - you will definitely get your money's worth." -Arseny Izotov (ABHS)

"Ben was a great teacher for my son. His own skills as a guitar player are vast and his commitment to teaching the fundamentals is strong. My son really learned a lot from Ben. Plus the experience was enjoyable!" -Mrs. Held, Bolton

"My daughter took guitar lessons for a year prior to going to Ben for lessons. I found that she progressed so much quicker with Ben's instruction then she did with the other instructor. She went from playing rudimentary songs string by string to playing songs with chords. Ben has a great no pressure attitude yet was able to push her and help her so much!" -Mrs. Court, Tyngsboro

"Our family whole-heartedly recommends Ben Holt as a guitar teacher. My son began lessons with him at age 10 1/2 years old and Ben did a great job of helping Shane to learn to play his guitar with confidence and enthusiasm. Ben is a great encourager, always being very positive with his students. He gave our son the skills and confidence he needed to accompany the youth worship team at our church for 3 years. Our son took lessons with Ben for almost 6 years. Ben is a young man of integrity and sensitivity. He is very comfortable working with teens and younger. His enthusiasm and love of music is very contagious. Ben is a very competent guitar teacher, who will give your child the skills (including music theory, chords, and fingering) and confidence to have a great time learning and playing this wonderful instrument. Ben taught my son to play the acoustic, electric, and bass guitar." -Mrs. Crozier, Bolton

"I have been taking guitar lessons from Ben for over a year now and I have recommended him to many of my friends who are also interested in learning guitar. Ben has a very positive,up-beat, and easy-going attitude that always makes going to class enjoyable. Unlike some teachers, Ben is flexible to cater to your particular interests. If you want to learn more about how to play a particular pop song, Ben can show you how to replicate those sounds and riffs on your guitar, or if you'd like to enrich your knowledge of music theory, he has the academic chops to give you all the background you need to compose your own pieces of music. Ben also has acquired the unique balance (that so few teachers seem to have) to push hisstudents to exceland be uncompromising, while at the same time not put them down. Ben will never let you cheat yourself and condescendingly let you settle for less than your best (you would never hear Ben say: "That was very good... for you"), but he will never lose faith in your ability to measure up to the demands of a challenge. If you're motivated to learn guitar and play music, Ben can provide you with everything you need to become a successful musician, and you'll have fun doing it too!" -Andrew Roberts, Concord

"I've been taking lessons from Ben for two years and it has been a great experience. His teaching methods are great, he treats his students with kindness, and he has a great sense of humor he applies to stuff he teaches. He's willing to help with any problems a student has whether it be with chords, soloing, etcetera." -Aidan Fly, Bolton

"I decided to start taking guitar lessons on a whim after moving to MA and found Ben's number in an ad. I was unsure about what I wanted to get out of lessons and what I would with the skills I would learn. I was so glad to find that Ben's teaching creates the perfect environment for someone like me: an adult who just loves music. He caters the material to my style and abilities, encourages me through the plateaus, looks for solutions to help me get through the walls I hit, and always has a positive attitude about the progress I'm making (even when I feel like I'm going backward instead of forward). I would recommend Ben as a teacher or musician to any child, teen, or adult who asked for a referral. I still don't know what I will do with the skills I'm acquiring, but I do know that Ben already has plenty of ideas!" -Kristin Kronstain

"...the lesson was wonderful. At least for the next couple of times this is exactly the avenue I need to understand. Much of it I've touched upon sometime over the last 50 years, but I've never had a chance to pull it together or see the fingering. I'm so happy. Thank you." -John Shebell, Boxborough

"I started taking lessons with Ben after deciding that I needed a fresh start and perhaps a different direction with my guitar playing. I came to him with some experience but still had a lot of gaps in my education. Ben was immediately able to start filling in my weaker areas and I noticed significant improvement within the first couple of lessons. During those lessons, I was taught various songs (some at my request and some at his suggestion) and was also taught some basic music theory. With a casual yet focused approach to his teaching, I was quickly able to play songs I thought would have been too difficult and was able to understand music theory that otherwise seemed confusing. However the best thing about Ben's lessons is that whatever he's teaching, he makes it fun and less intimidating. Unlike many teachers, Ben is able to translate his enthusiasm for music and guitar into his style of teaching which provides a wonderful, rich learning environment for any student. I would highly recommend him." -Katherine Hubbard, Acton

"Ben is like a walking encyclopedia of guitar knowledge. Rather than rely on store bought books for his lessons he customizes lessons to specific student interests and his own understanding of music theory. Regardless of style he can quickly figure out, and teach any song after only hearing a few minutes of it." -Jeff Beck, Boxborough

"Oh, by the way, I'm happy with the progress Nathan's made with your lessons. He really seems to be pulling things together. I like to see that he's now got enough skill to start figuring out songs. I know there's still a lifetime of learning ahead of him, but I think the lessons have been a great boost for him. Thanks!" -Ed Murphy, Hudson

"I went into the first lesson knowing how to play the basic chords and with little knowledge of strumming. Ben's approach to learning the guitar works for the student in that his own methods will teach you much more than your typical lesson book would. Learning to play guitar is also much more fun with a teacher who enjoys working with students on songs that they bring in, and he knows how to teach any style. I never thought I'd be able to play riffs or solos, but Ben taught me how to do that within a few lessons. To top it off, his prices are also lower than the competition. I recommend Ben for people of all ages who want to learn guitar." -Bill What

"When I moved Massachusetts in 2009, I had just begun guitar lessons in my home town, and sought to begin them with a new teacher as soon as possible. When Ben was recommended to me by my school's choir teacher, I found myself hooked after the first lesson. Ben has not only taught me essential techniques in playing the guitar, but several fun songs, useful skills, and helpful music theory. Ben is an incredible musician and a great teacher for anyone who wants to either learn guitar or sharpen their skills." -Dan Sartoris, Bolton

"Thanks, Ben, for a GREAT lesson. Not everyone who can play guitar can actually teach it. You have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. That muting thing we were working on has increased the fun-factor, like, 10 fold! I figured out Jet Plane and have been trying it out on that song and others. I now feel much more confident leading sing-a-longs when we're camping. Thanks again." -Jessica Haugsjaa, Acton