Musical Motivation and Recording

My music page hasn’t had anything new to post in awhile that was just me. There are several things recently that I’ve recorded with friends or bands, but no solo stuff. I guess I’ve just lacked the motivation for that in the past year or so. I was wondering why…

1) Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) has been crazy this year. I’ve constantly been trading gear around! I am buying and/or selling something nearly all the time. Honestly, this kind of research (reading manuals, reading reviews and specs) is just as exciting to me as *having* the equipment and using it, for whatever reason. Sometimes being a geeky musician is outweighed by musical geekiness.

2) Too much time spent playing computer games.

3) Other bands. I’m currently in three bands/projects right now. None of these are very “serious” in that they don’t take too much time, but they do require some practice time and even creativity. Perhaps all these things are stifling my desire to create my own songs (not necessarily a bad thing).

4) Lack of ideas. I have always been self-conscious about what I write, and end up disliking almost everything eventually. I feel uncreative and boring when I make things up in Logic.

Again, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing… just something I’ve noticed. This past week I have done some recording, as I’m actually in a space where I am relatively satisfied with the gear I have! I was trying to use my effects processor to create, as accurately as possible, a Joe Satriani sound. To show it off, I created a solo tune with some ad-lib soloing.

You can see my post and the comments people made here:

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