Interesting Census Data

I found these maps while researching census data from 2000.  I forget why I was there in the first place, but I found neat data for my town, a world population clock, and the graphs below.

Age Ratio

This is the median age by county.  There’s lots more older people in the brown sections.  California is interesting – Young people in the south and old people in the north.  And Florida is no surprise.

MaleFemale Ratio

This shows the male/female ratio.  Wow, look at the division here!  It seems there’s many more ladies in the east as compared to the west!  Perhaps this is a remnant of the pioneer days – men are more likely to rough it in the wilderness of the wild west?  Alaska is predominantly male, which is no surprise.  My state, MA, is a solid block of red.  Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii are all blue.

Do you have any theories on age and sex distribution?

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